​Special Priced Works

Bull Riding at Reno
Valeriy Kagounkin
29X34, Acrylic on Canvas
Valeriy Kagounkin
29X26, Acrylic on Canvas
Spanish Bull
Valeriy Kagounkin
30X40, Acrylic on Canvas
Keeping a Tight Rope
Valeriy Kagounkin
24X30, Oil on Canvas
Bull Dogging
Valeriy Kagounkin
30X40, Acrylic on Canvas
Bull Rider Reno
Valeriy Kagounkin
39X31, Acrylic on Canvas
Master Bushwacker, Valeriy Kagounkin
30X40, Oil on Canvas
Welcome to our "Sold Works Page."  These are paintings that have been purchased and are no longer available for sale, but people have asked to see Valeriy's older works. Below these works are paintings that are specially priced to move. See something you like? Give us a call or drop us an email! www.eagleframingandart.com
​Hot Cup of Coffee, 31x39, Acrylic

Heading for Camp,  25x30, acrylic

​Last Peaceful Evening, 24x28 Acrylic
​Before the Storm, 29x75,  Acrylic
​Biting the Dust, 30x40, Best Acrylic,
Old West Museum 2014
​Colorado Style Rider,
Valeriy Kagounkin,
35x28, 2014


​Buffalo Family, 24x60, acrylic 

Gotcha!, 10.5x12.5, Acrylic