Late Dinner
25X30, Oil on Linen Sold at Russell Museum Fundraiser
Safe Haven, 24x20, Acrylic, 2015 SOLD​
​Rolling Along, 9x12 Acrylic, 2015
​Getting Ready for Friday Night, 24x30, Acrylic, 2016
The Colors of Cowboy Country, 24x18, Acrylic & Oil,  2016
No Time to Lose, 24X46, Acrylic on Canvas SOLD
A Hard Day in the Pen, 24X46, Oil on Canvas

Original Paintings by Valeriy Kagounkin

​Up Before the Sun, 16x20, Oil 2016 SOLD
​Outhouse Blues, 30x24
Acrylic on Canvas 2016
​El Segundo, 20x39, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
Wind From Home
16x20, 2016
​Circle of Life36x57, Acrylic on Canvas 2015
Last Kiss of the Sun, 20x30, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
Winner of Best Acrylic at Phippen Museum Show
Sharing a Moment
20X31, Acrylic on Canvas
Long Way to Camp
30X40, Acrylic on Canvas
​Ambushed, 24x36 Acrylic, 2016 SOLD
​Long Trip Ahead, 20x30, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
​Nowhere to Hide 60x40 Acrylic on Canvas Winner of the Art of the West Award, Phippen Museum Show & Sale 2015
The Cowgirl and the Dude
24x38.5,  Acrylic on Canvas
End of the Day
20X16 Oil on Canvas
​Canyon of the Great Ones, 42x64, Acrylic, 2015
Spirit for Buffalo
23.5X27.5, Oil on Linen
Night Shift, Pony Express,24X36, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016 SOLD

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​The Gathering, 28x33, Oil, 2015 SOLD
​Mail Day on the Range, 24x36, Acrylic 2016
​Sunday Ride, 20x18, Acrylic, 2016
The Grass is Greener, 21X42, Acrylic on Canvas
California Poppy
20X26, Oil on Linen
​Time for Grub SOLD
Chasing Down the Predators, 24x36, Oil/Acrylic, 2016
​Breaking From the Herd, 20x30, acrylic, 2015

Get Along Little Doggie​24x20 Acrylic

Moonlit Crossing, Rocky Mountains, 30x96, Acrylic, 2016​