​Outhouse Blues, 30x24
Acrylic on Canvas 2016
​El Segundo, 20x39, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
​Ambushed, 24x36 Acrylic, 2016 SOLD
​Nowhere to Hide 60x40 Acrylic on Canvas Winner of the Art of the West Award, Phippen Museum Show & Sale 2015
No Time to Lose, 24X46, Acrylic on Canvas SOLD
End of the Day
20X16 Oil on Canvas
California Poppy
20X26, Oil on Linen
Late Dinner
25X30, Oil on Linen

Original Paintings by Valeriy Kagounkin

Get Along Little Doggie​24x20 Acrylic

Safe Haven, 24x20, Acrylic, 2015 SOLD​
​Mail Day on the Range, 24x36, Acrylic 2016
​Sunday Ride, 20x18, Acrylic, 2016
Time for Grub
3rd place acrylic, Phippen Museum Show 2015
34X46, Acrylic on Canvas
​Canyon of the Great Ones, 42x64, Acrylic, 2015
Chasing Down the Predators, 24x36, Oil/Acrylic, 2016
The Cowgirl and the Dude
24x38.5,  Acrylic on Canvas
Last Kiss of the Sun, 20x30, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
A Hard Day in the Pen, 24X46, Oil on Canvas
Moonlit Crossing, Rocky Mountains, 30x96, Acrylic, 2016​
The Colors of Cowboy Country, 24x18, Acrylic & Oil,  2016
Sharing a Moment
20X31, Acrylic on Canvas
Wind From Home
16x20, 2016
​Circle of Life36x57, Acrylic on Canvas 2015
Spirit for Buffalo
23.5X27.5, Oil on Linen
​Rolling Along, 9x12 Acrylic, 2015
​The Gathering, 28x33, Oil, 2015 SOLD
​Breaking From the Herd, 20x30, acrylic, 2015
The Grass is Greener, 21X42, Acrylic on Canvas
Long Way to Camp
30X40, Acrylic on Canvas
​Long Trip Ahead, 20x30, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016
Night Shift, Pony Express,24X36, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016 SOLD

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​Getting Ready for Friday Night, 24x30, Acrylic, 2016
​Up Before the Sun, 16x20, Oil 2016 SOLD