Spring Flowers, 30x40, 2015
Old West Memories, 24x20, Oil, 2016
12x16, Oil
​The Idaho Collection...
​Red Fox, 13x19, Oil, 2017
​Antique Bronze, 26x43, Oil
Old Friends​, 20x24, Oil on Canvas, 2017
​Ready to Ride, 16x20, Oil 2017
Kissed by the Sun 10x14  Oil, 2015​
Cool Drink at Daylight,  20x24  Oil, 2015​​
Red Sunset Horses, oil, 2015
Silver Lake, 30x40, oil

New Art by

             Valeriy Kagounkin

​Riding the Point , 21x41,  oil, 2017
Tamara's Newest Painting...
​Oil, 2017
There I am in the Midst of Them, 30x36,          Oil  on Canvas, 2017
​Roping a Snowman, 20x16, Oil, 2016
​The Old Barn, 14x11, Oil, 2017 SOLD
​A Soft Word and a Smile, 20x27.5, Oil,  2017
​Frosty Morning, 18x24, Oil, 2017
​God's Great Creation, 24x48, Oil, 2016
​Heading to the Branding, Oil 2017
Flowers and Berries, 24x28, Oil
God's Great Creation, 16x20, Oil, 2015 SOLD
Back to Home, 35x34, oil, 2014
New Art by Tamara Magdalina 
Beautiful Day, 24x28, Oil
​Frozen Wonderland, 36x48, Oil, 2017​
​Monument Valley, 24x48, Oil, 2016 SOLD
​Heading Home,  16.5 x 22, Oil, 2017
​Moving the Herd, 24x32,  oil,  2017
​Under the Idaho Sky, 20x25,
Oil on Canvas, 2017   SOLD 
​The Newest Paintings
​He Cares for You, 20x24, Oil, 2017
​Keeping Them In, Oil, 2017 
New Spur Straps, 18x24, Oil, 2016
Sharing the Traditions, 20x24, Oil, 2016 SOLD
​Silent Morning 14x11, Oil, 2016 SOLD

Washoe Valley Horses, 24x30, 2015

​Shone Falls, Idaho, 36x48, Oil 2017
​White Turkey, 16x20, Oil