New Art by Tamara Magdalina 

New Art by

             Valeriy Kagounkin

​Riding the Point , 21x41,  oil, 2017
​Monument Valley. This painting will sell at the "Raise The Roof" auction, Sept 8, 2017, to benefit the Charles Russell Museum.
Tamara's Newest Paintings...
​Oil, 2017
There I am in the Midst of Them, 30x36,          Oil  on Canvas, 2017 SOLD
New Spur Straps, 18x24, Oil, 2016
​White Turkey, 16x20, Oil
Rain's a Comin',  20 x 24, Oil, 2017

One Tough Idaho Cowboy, 20x14, Oil, 2017​​

​Ready to Ride, 16x20, Oil 2017
Kissed by the Sun 10x14  Oil, 2015​
Cool Drink at Daylight,  20x24  Oil, 2015​​
Back to Home, 35x34, oil, 2014
Red Sunset Horses, oil, 2015
Silver Lake, 30x40, oil
​He Cares for You, 20x24, Oil, 2017
​Keeping Them In, Oil, 2017 
Beautiful Day, 24x28, Oil
Spring Flowers, 30x40, 2015
​Winter Wonderland, 36x48, Oil, 2017​

Washoe Valley Horses, 24x30, 2015

Old West Memories, 24x20, Oil, 2016
​Frosty Morning, 18x24, Oil, 2017
​Antique Bronze, 26x43, Oil
​One of the Best Idaho Cowboys, 20x24  Oil, 2017
​Heading to the Branding, Oil 2017
​Shone Falls, Idaho, 36x48, Oil 2017
​The Newest Paintings...
​Roping a Snowman, 20x16, Oil, 2016
12x16, Oil
​The Idaho Collection
​Crossing the Stream, 25x38, Oil, 2017
​Moving the Herd, 24x32,  oil,  2017
Old Friends​, 20x24, Oil on Canvas, 2017
Flowers and Berries, 24x28, Oil
​Red Fox, 13x19, Oil, 2017
​God's Great Creation, 24x48, Oil, 2016
​A Soft Word and a Smile, 20x27.5, Oil,  2017